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EPS, a UN-registered NGO, is an international network of thirteen affiliated organizations promoting economic analysis and appropriate action for peace, security and the world economy. We work locally, regionally and internationally to reduce the military burden, and to effect policy changes that can build a more just and peaceful future.

EPS Journal

EPS sponsors the peer-reviewed Economics of Peace and Security Journal (EPSJ). The journal addresses economic aspects of peace and security. Issues are published in April and October. Lastest issues are subscription only.  All articles and issues become open-access 12 months after initial publication. 

Economists on Peace

The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) and EPS co-host the Economists on Peace blog, in which various leading expert on economics and peace discuss issues that are pressing and relevant to the policy, practice and theory of economics and development in conflict and crisis-affected contexts.

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Are you passionate about economics and peace? Economists for Peace and Security Europe is looking for dynamic and visionary board members to expand our team of board members and strengthen the development of the organisation

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Latest insights

23 May 2017

North Korea - on the brink?

US President Trump has vowed to boost US military capabilities in South–East Asia to counter both North Korea’s dangerous nuclear policy, and its recent missile tests.

12 Apr 2017
Colombia peace deal

Using Evidence to Build Effective Transitional Justice Policies in Colombia

The historic signing of the peace agreement between the Government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) on September 26, followed by the unexpected narrow rej

01 Nov 2016
Picture of a boy riding a bicycle in a refugee camp

The long-run benefits of open doors to war refugees

In the current debate on asylum policies in Europe, the focus lies strongly on short-run costs and benefits. Whilst proponents of generous admission policies for Syrian refugees argu

18 Jun 2015
bricks with the flags of bric countries

BRICS: realistic alternative with a stuttering motor

BRICS has recently lost some of its previous dynamic. This is partly due to reduced economic growth, compared to the previous phenomenal growth rates.

25 May 2015
Picture of crowds protesting

Do government transfers reduce civil unrest?

The past few years have seen an increase in civil unrest across the globe, from food riots to the Arab Spring and the Occupy movement in the United States and other countries.