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The 21st Annual International Conference on Economics and Security will be held at the Royal Military Academy, Brussels, June 22nd - 23rd 2017.

The conference aims to provide an opportunity for economists, political scientists and others from around the world to share ideas and discuss the future developments in the following areas:

Post-conflict reconstruction

  • Regional security
  • Economics of security
  • Corruption and military spending
  • Globalisation and the restructuring of the MIC
  • Militarism and development
  • Security sector reform
  • Economics of conflict and war
  • Economics of the arms trade
  • Procurement and offsets
  • Arms races and alliances
  • Peace economics and peace science
  • Conversion and demilitarisation
  • Economics of terrorism

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Event Details

Thu 07 Sep 2017 to Fri 08 Sep 2017